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LionNet encourages all Lions Clubs to establish a presence on the Internet. To that end we offer these guidelines to those who may feel they haven't the experience or know-how necessary to create their club's webpage.

Our prototype Lions Club page is available either as a guide to establish or to use as your first page - it's ready to go as soon as you substitute in your own club's information and move it to your own server.

We provide an annotated guide to the HTML code used on that page, explaining it section by section.

Here's is our step-by-step guide detailing how you would create such a page and publish it on the World Wide Web.

Once your club page is online, let us know and we will list it under the appropriate section of LionNet.


You are reminded that all Lions logos are registered trademarks of Lions Clubs International and may only be used by Lions Clubs for non profit purposes.

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