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LionNet is proud to be able to provide a FREE and EASY webpage to Lions Clubs throughout the world. This service is provided by the Lions of Turkey, Multiple District 118.

Free, because it does not cost you or your club to make and maintain a webpage through www.lionwap.org

Easy, because LionWAP provides a simple “Fill in the Blank” template to make it so ANY Lions can make a update their club’s webpage.

Unlike other FREE webpages on the internet, we do not show any non-lions advertising. Just Lions Business.

When your webpage is submitted and approved, it will automatically be added to LionNet.

But it is more then just a webpage, it is also a page that is compatible with the (Wireless Application Protocol) WAP device page.

When your page is complete, the webpage address will be
http://username.lionwap.org or http://www.lionwap.org/username

May I suggest that you consider using the name of your town with state or country two letter code for your club’s username. So for Watertown Connecticut, this would be watertownct. The Lions in Watertown New York or Massachusetts could use the NY or MA initials.

Please review our sample webpage at www.lionwap.org/prototype

Take a look at this page, using a WAP simulator www.wapsilon.com/6210/www.lionwap.org/prototype

Thank you for joining us.


Your LionNet Administrators

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